Our journey starts together the moment you reach out.
I'm not a "wait and see if they book me" type of gal. I'm all-in from the moment that you're in my inbox.

In the early days, you can expect resources to help guide you through the planning process. I have guides on timelines, shot lists, hiring vendors, including traditions, planning destination weddings and elopements, and more. 
I want the rest of your wedding planning days to be easy and sometimes that goes beyond photography.

Come wedding day, my couples have become close friends.

Here's how I approach your day:
(Please keep in mind that every wedding is VASTLY different and with me, nothing is required. I loudly encourage you to create your own traditions and incorporate the elements of a wedding day that feel most like you.)

My approach throughout the entire day is largely hands-off.
I show up ready to seek out your story.

When I first arrive I like to take a moment to document the surroundings. The venue. The weather. The tail end of getting ready.
I like to blend in with your loved ones and just become part of your day. You don't have to worry about receiving a ton of direction and poses, other than occasionally moving you to a location with better lighting or less distractions.

I personally prefer to spend time with both the bride and the groom as they get ready, when time allows of course.

If you decide that a first look feels right for you, this is where that will happen.
I love to make sure that this is a special time for you both to connect and really embrace each other's presence. It's not just some big production and photo opportunity - it's likely the first time you'll see your forever person on your wedding day.
I usually stay close to get the initial reaction and then step back to allow you to really soak in the moment together.

When choosing to have a first look, we are allowed the opportunity to tackle most portraits before the ceremony on a more relaxed timeline – otherwise we'll wait until after the ceremony to do these photos. I spend roughly 40 min on wedding party photos.
I aim to grab one amazing group shot, one group shot from each side of the party, and individuals with each of the bridal party members. These ones are quick and are similar to the family portraits we will do later.
With any additional time we have, I love to do a few poses, have some fun, and try more creative shots.
These are classic and timeless and are one of the only parts of the day that will be more hands-on. 

I also like to spend about 40 minutes on couples photos, if time allows. This is another moment for you to step away from the chaos of the day and spend some time soaking up each other's presence.
One or two will be camera-aware portraits, and the rest will be candid and intimate and sweet. It's a lot like our engagement sessions together - a really big reason that I encourage my couples to book me for their engagements is so that they can be comfortable shooting together on the day of!
My absolute priority is that you enjoy this part of the day. It's relaxed, casual, and a moment to breathe.

I try to join the ceremony space as guests are arriving to capture the beautiful space in use. For the entire ceremony, I'm completely hands-off. I do not direct a thing.
While I'm a master of quietly moving around, you can expect me to be just about everywhere throughout the ceremony to get all the best angles and capture your loved ones reactions to this happy moment.

From here, we typically knock out family portraits and guest portraits. 

I'll bounce around at cocktail hour and capture the little conversations and hugs that are happening. This time is often filled with fun and emotion!

I love to sit with guests at dinner, when possible. It's just another way that I feel I get to know the people in your lives and get another perspective on your story. I eat when you eat so that I can be ready for speeches, dances, and any other celebrations you have planned! For those, I jump around grabbing photos of your loved one's reactions and sometimes tears.

I love staying through the first hour or so of dancing, to really wrap up your story with a big celebration!

At the end of this day, that's all that matters.

When you choose a wedding photographer, ultimately you're choosing how you want your story to be told.
I show up, in my entirety, to truly experience your day and your love. I get to know your loved ones and I cry with them as you read your vows. I watch this day unfold so closely, tuning into how all of it felt.
After your wedding day, I will take your 6,000+ images home with me and carefully select 600 of the best, most emotional, intimate and true moments that retell the story of your day
I will touch each and every one and edit them in a way that highlights what's important. You and your love and the ones who came to celebrate your forever.

When you look back at your gallery, 10 or 50 years from now, you'll truly feel these moments again.

You're not just hiring someone to show up and take your photos. You're hiring someone to shape how you remember the most important day of your life.

So how do you want to remember this day?